ENG – Event 14/07/18

The Plastic Attack and Plastivism movements are horizontal, not political and composed of heterogeneous people concerned about the future of society.

The goal of Plastic Attack movements is to raise awareness about the excessive use of plastic containers in our society. We cannot turn our back on a problem that concerns us all. We are worried about the abusive plastic packaging of thousands of products that we consume every day all over the planet.

On July 14 we will go to the supermarket indicated to raise the awareness of the people who are making their purchase on the excessive use of plastic packaging and to recommend consumption alternatives.

The chosen place is in the very center of Barcelona, Las Ramblas, with a great number of tourists. The maximum resonance and internationalization of the problem is sought. For such will require people with language skills.

In addition to expressing our rejection of the abuse of plastic, participants who choose will buy products that really need and after passing through the cash register will unpack each of the plastic containers and deposit them in shopping carts and carton boxes that we will bring for the occasion. All the unnecessary plastic packages will stay inside the supermarket.

We will carry our signs, we will take pictures and we will record everything so that it is registered and then shared on social networks.


  • Manifest the responsibility of manufacturers and supermarkets on the products that are packaged.
  • Request measures from the Administration and the industry to reduce the use of disposable plastics, promote durable and reusable materials, and implement incentives to avoid abandonment, such as deposit systems for bottles and cans.
  • Raise people’s awareness for a situation out of control.
  • Spread the message that another type of consumption is possible.


Join us the 14th of July in Barcelona

Carrefour Market, Rambla dels Estudis, 113, 08002 Barcelona